2017 Starting With a Clash at the National Training

Our recent National Training session just passed and I asked some new recruits what their impression of the team and the sport is. This year is already seeing our Women’s Team grow and our regions grow ever stronger and more skilled.


Stacey Wells (South East) – I have recently transitioned from my regular Karate training to Battle Heritage after some special action extra work in an upcoming movie as a Saxon Warrior. The battle scenes were very physical and I yearned for more. I contacted Battle Heritage and was welcomed immediately. The training was intense and was invited to attend the National training last weekend. Meeting fighters from other regions and seeing both men and women who choose combat as a hobby leaving egos at the door was a breath of fresh air. I have been in the martial arts community for over twenty years and I must say Battle Heritage has won my respect for their professionalism in both the arena and out. I look forward to wearing a Battle Heritage Tabbard in battle. Rule Britannia.

Ira Bolshakova (South East) – I have just joined BH and attended only one class so far, so I was a little bit surprised, but still very pleased to get an invitation to the National Training this weekend. And it was really something from any point of view. I was given such a warm welcome, that by the end of Sunday I felt like I’ve been fighting with those guys for ages! Due to using the soft kit, I could fully join the training even being not very experienced and not having my own set of armour yet. It might be a little bit tough for a complete novice, but still very good to practice the same things with the high level fighters, as this attitude allows you to grow your skills faster. Thanks to all those literally gentle men, who took care of me and didn’t let my brains be blown out. A very intensive and inspiring weekend, looking forward to the next one!

Borja Cassanova (South East) – What not to like? Coming from a martial arts background and from a medieval city in my natural Spain, it was the natural transition. Went to several sessions with a light idea of what involved. Observing in the background, Couple of weeks later after part of team departed and Peter, Tate and Rowland got over the trainings i started to grasp more knowledge and started to really enjoy it this guys are listening to my nonsense and barbarie with the greatest of patience. Then i started to really understand that it requires some “minerals” once the armour is on , and once you been hit in the head and “smell the metal”, the rush its second to none, you open your eyes to reality of combat as it was those days. I find a great support,evaluation and fed-back from these guys! They understand people qualities and faults and find the way to get around them and help you to improve and evolve, best thing its the open mind approach of new skills or ideas. Nothing is wrong, its just applicable or not applicable. National training was amazing meet a bunch of other nutters dressed in tin cans like me! Got involve in my first Bohurt, got smashed! Kicked! Smack! Pushed! Launched! In a good way as everyone knew that i was a newbie and went light on me, and were very kind! Never felt so useless and lost in my life! All with fun and the greatest of actitud from everyone here. Learned of how important its situational awareness try to have a flexible mind and started to understand a bit more the strategy in this sport, also that i need contact lenses, Kept hitting short!Nicolai micro-seminars were very easy to follow and very no nonsense. Very welcoming to all new people, no feeling of “classes” or “newguy”,everyone is treated equally and with respect. I would advise anyone looking to start in this sport at south east Battle Heritage, people is great! Peters and Rachel hospitality and sense of humor are contagious! They did an amazing job hosting the whole event! Next year i hope i can stay overnight.

Jurgan Von-Rokkenhaad (Wessex) – Well firstly it was only my 2nd time in armour so the guys helped me put my borrowed armour on properly and gave me as many tips as they could before fighting. When the fighting began with 1v1’s I got my butt kicked a few times, but my adversaries picked me up, taught me where I was going wrong and made it a fun experience! The 4v4 fights for me are where the fun begins, 8 guys destroying each other with swords axes and halberds! the teams train together every week so there’s a feeling of being brothers in arms not wanting to let your team down! The sport is brutal, yet safe and always in good spirits! Bring on the next one!

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