Battle Heritage is a Full Contact Medieval Combat club, its members take this sport seriously and fight to win. It is not a reenactment club, although there is a certain element of that required for both fundraising shows and competitive tournament.

Our members have won more medals and trophies than any group in the UK and maybe even Western Europe. Our fighters made up the entirety of the ‘UK1’ team at the last Battle of the Nations- currently ranking joint 11th-12th in the world. Our fighters made up the majority of the UK 21vs21 team at Battle of the Nations 2016, placing fifth in the world. And in May 2016 Battle Heritage claimed gold in four events at the IMCF world championships in Portugal- a stunning achievement for a team only three years old. We are proud to be known by teams around the world as a serious contender in the world of medieval full contact fighting.

This reputation has been fought for by the members of this club and something Battle Heritage intends to build on.

It is a burden for all members to shoulder and it is going to require a level of dedication to be a serious team member.

Not all will want to fight at the highest level, but support skills and roles need to be filled to get this team to the top, if that’s where you’re going to help, then the same level of dedication is expected.

No one is expecting a salute to the flag in the morning and the company song, but if we’re committed to this we have to have 100% attention when the job is in hand. We all know the logistics involved in organising the events that pay the bills so we need to concentrate on putting the team and sport first

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