The World Medieval Fighting Championship (WMFC) is the Pro-fight league for 1v1 and 5v5 fights. First Class are the entry level competitions that fighters must participate in and win enough times to qualify for the top leagues.


Battle Heritage is proud to have hosted the World Medieval Fighting Championship’s ‘UK Challenge’ in London in February 2016, which saw over 20 fighters for 7 countries competing for prizes and featured a profight between Lukas Kowal and Michael Morgul. Watch what the fighters got up to on our livefeed here.


2017 sees many of our fighters who experienced WMFC for the first time last year now travelling to different tournaments across the globe to become more experienced fighters and battle to become pro fighters.

Rowland Longley accompanied Tate Hounsell (South England) and John Quayle (Wessex) on 21st January to Italy’s First Class WMFC Tournament for the first step of their international WMFC Journey, see the write up here.



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