Continued Success at Flandres and Dynamo to End the Season


Image by WMFC for Dynamo Cup 2016 Promotional Posters

As the end of the 2016 season came nearer, the Battle Heritage fighters had no time to rest. In Tourcoing the Tournoi des Flandres was approaching and just two weeks after the prestigious WMFC Dynamo Cup was looming.


For Tourcoing, sixteen of the best Battle Heritage fighters were hand picked to go forth and defend their title as champions, holding first and second place from the 2015 tournament. The hard fought tournament saw both Battle Heritage teams once again taking the top two spots with South East Fighter Lukas Kowal taking first place in the 1v1 tournaments also held that weekend.


Team 2 – Top Left: Will Hamblin, Tate Hounsell, Evgeny Olechovnic, Thom Flint Front Left: Martin Gill, Jamie Edmundson, John Quayle


Team 1 – Top Left: Callum Walker, Andrew Rose, Luke Woods, Rowland Longley, Dawid Dyczek Bottom Left: Lukas Kowal, Tim Martin, Pawel Kurzak








From Tournoi des Flandres team 1, who defended first place, went on to compete in the most prestigious competition around: The Dynamo Cup!
Injury befell Rowland Longley, who is recovering well, but he was unable to fight in Russia and so seven of the fighters were joined by Pasha Truelove and jetted off to start their campaign in Moscow.
Flying through their first group stages they were only stopped by the formidable Partisan 1, who have the reputation of being the top dogs, the best in the world and absolutely unbeatable.


Placing 8th overall the Battle Heritage fighters returned from their campaign knowing full well that they had achieved significant headway during their first time at the Dynamo Cup and feeling even more fulfilled with their previous victories at Tourcoing to add to the Trophy Case!


Henrikas and Natallia celebrate with Dawid, Nikolaj, Luke, Tim, Lukas, Pawel, Pasha and Andrew after their success at the Dynamo Cup

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