How is full contact medieval combat organised in the UK?

Full contact medieval combat is a young sport in the UK. The first participants from this country competed in the Tournament of the Black Falcon in France during October 2012. That team went on to form the UK1 team that reached the quarter finals at Battle of the Nations 2013, six months later.

During the early stages of the sport there were so few fighters, who were spread all over the country, that we created an informal group who trained together if, and when, we could. At that stage there was only Battle of the Nations and one small event in France at which to compete. Now there are two major international championships, with many smaller competitions held throughout Europe. Countries outside Europe are beginning to hold their own events too.

The two leagues have slightly different rules concerning armour, weapons and what can occur within the lists, with the IMCF being more strict in all regards. Those who have armour optimised for Battle of the Nations may not find their harness acceptable within IMCF rules but as both leagues become ever more established their rule sets do sometimes try to compromise and meet in the middle on some aspects.

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