What is Full Contact Medieval Combat/ Fighting?

FCMC/F is a relatively new sport in this country. The first UK fighters competed in international competition at Montbazon, France in Oct 2012.

There has been medieval re-enactment fighting for several decades in the UK and other European nations, but that has been heavily restricted in strike locations and power of blows. Medieval re-enactment is also generally not so competitive.

Full contact fighting pits competitors, both men and women in their own designated classes together to test skill, speed, endurance and bravery. Currently there are two main leagues conducting FCMC/F, namely the IMCF (International Medieval Combat Federation) and the HMBIA (Historic Medieval Battles International Association).

Under IMCF rules, there are 1v1 tournament fights which are scored like boxing, counting undefended blows to determine the winner. Then there is Buhurt, consisting of 3v3 (for women until enough competitors allow for 5v5), 5v5, 10v10, 16v16 and ALLvALL teams.

The group class events do not count blows, but determines that a fighter is “out” if anything other than his or her feet touch the ground. The last team with a standing member wins these fights. They are scored by counting the remaining team members standing, for example 3-0 in a 5v5 match.

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