Why bother with Authenticity?

Authenticity is often considered by many to be a bad or annoying element when it comes to medieval fighting. This should not be so, especially when you consider that some of the most impressive fighters on the field are spectacular not just because of their skill, but how they look while fighting. If you are not interested in the historical development of armour, what is the point of getting into this sport? You may as well just join any other MMA club and have fun.

But if you ARE interested in fighting in a medieval tournament, an important part of tournament was pageantry… looking the part. Knights were the rock gods or sporting heroes of the medieval age. They competed in tournaments all over Europe and often had groupies that followed them to events and wanted to be near them. Women swooned when talking to them and lesser men wanted to BE them.

When you watch full contact medieval combat there is an animalistic part of your brain that is no different to those spectators hundreds of years ago. Yes you can still see a guy in cheap rusty armour fight well. But compare him to the guy standing next to him fighting just as hard, but in well-fitting armour all of a similar style, polished till it shines, wearing a clean flashy surcoat and there is no competition.

It is the ongoing aim of the sport to achieve a level where ALL competitors look like that latter fighter. Then we can truly say that the spectacle of medieval tournament has returned in full.

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