Heavy Metal Hits at Download 2016

Demolition Download 2016- a fighter’s review.

Battle Heritage has just returned from a weekend of fights- not for medals, honour or glory this time, but for the entertainment of thousands of heavy metal fans! This was the third year the Download festival has been visited by Battle Heritage, and each year we go the reception we get is amazing! This year, as last, the rain may have taken a bit away from the festival, as well as one day of cancelled fights, but none of the spark went out of the fights, as the furious enthusiasm of the crowd carried our knights into combat as hard as many would expect at a major competition. Nobody was falling easily, and by the end of the day the determination and will to win of every team was visible on every fighter’s face.

We were delighted to be joined this year by fighters from Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Scotland, as well as four teams from Battle Heritage. In the end the elite of BH, ‘St George’ rose to win the competition, though not without serious resistance from some powerful teams. As the team becomes more serious and more determined to win through hard work and grit, so the dynamic of events like Demolition Download changes- with more focus comes more competition, more will to win. The event was of course well supported by the crowd, with loud participation at every strike, fall and takedown!

On the whole we loved the event, as always it was a pleasure to be at Download, with its unique atmosphere and vibrant fans. Despite the rain the mood was always pleasant, and even when the fights were in full swing there was an air of fun and even a little silliness around the arena. Although the rain was an annoyance- as it was for everyone- Battle Heritage fighters rose above the challenge and came out fighting.


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