Battle Heritage fighters have had a May to remember- and new targets for next year

 IMCF World Championships & Battle of the Nations- a fighters’ review.


May 2016 saw Battle Heritage take on the toughest medieval fighting teams in the world at the sixth annual Battle of the Nations tournament in Prague, before sweeping the field at the IMCF World Championships in Portugal.

Placing fifth in the 21vs21 ‘Royal’ category at Battle of the Nations was the highlight of many Battle Heritage fighters’ year, as months of hard work and dedication paid off in a brutal, nail-biting fight against the home team. Every fighter pushed themselves further than ever and nothing was left in the ring- even though the UK were denied a medal position, each member of the joint UK & Spanish team will hold the memory of that incredible final battle in their hearts for years to come.

The campaign in Prague also shows how far the British team has come in a few years- each year we have advanced and achieved more, taking away a sense of accomplishment and desire to train harder for the year ahead. Certainly if the UK team’s morale and attitude are anything to go by, Battle of the Nations 2017 will see even more progress and a further tour de force from a team that -let’s not forget-  is only a few years old, yet

Only a few weeks later the team headed to the IMCF World Championships in Montemor-O-Vehlo in Portugal, a magnificent rural castle whose location could not have been more different to the bustling Prague championships we had just fought. The IMCF is a popular league in the UK, and since its inception in 2013 it has become a big part of many fighters’ calendar. The atmosphere, like the location, was a different, friendlier, calmer one which reflected on the event, characterised by the warmth and openness between teams that makes it so popular. Friendly chats separated fights, meeting old friends and cheering for our favorite teams. That’s not to say the competitors were unfocused, and of course the tension continued to rise throughout the event. Yet a confident, fiercely determined and motivated Battle Heritage drove home the clear progress we had made, as we took gold in the 5vs5, 10vs10, pole arm duels and longsword! A banner month for Battle Heritage ended with a string of amazing victories.

So where to next? We’re already training for 2017, building our strength and recruiting new members, learning from our mistakes and testing our abilities. We’ve just come home from a roaring success at the Download Festival (to be covered in another post) and we’re continuing to gear up for the year ahead. Battle Heritage doesn’t rest on its laurels, it doesn’t forget its armour in the cupboard, and it doesn’t wrap itself up in congratulations- so watch out Europe, because the British are coming!

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