Battle of the Nations 2013

The year 2013 was the first time that the UK had submitted a team to Battle of the Nations. The event was in its 4th year and was held in the French coastal town of Aigues-Mortes; site of the launching of one of the Crusades to the Holy Lands.

We were joined by a film crew doing a documentary which aired on BBC3 titled “Knight Club”. The program followed 4 of our novice fighters, 3 of whom are still active members of Battle Heritage.

The event saw brilliant examples of fighting prowess and sportsmanship. The brotherhood of arms that is growing around the world was ably represented by 23 nations who all fought hard over 4 days under the Mediterranean sun.

Team 1 went on to reach the Quarter Finals of the 5v5 class, where they were defeated by the Russian Team that went on to win the event. Team 2 made it through to the 2nd round which was an achievement in itself considering the lack of experience in that team. Later in the year these battle tried units of fighters went on to form Battle Heritage.

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