IMCF and BotN National Team 2015

National Team Captain, Mark Taylor

National Team Captain, Mark Taylor. Photo courtesy of

The year 2015 to date, has been a great year for Battle Heritage GB so far. With the 2nd place at Rise of the Knights III with many of our first team missing it is a true testament to the closing gap in fighting strength of our teams.

We held IMCF team selections for England and also the Welsh held independent eliminations over the Easter weekend.

Then, after an interesting start on our path to Battle of the Nations 2015, an open eliminations was held where Battle Heritage and members of the Scottish Knights League (SKL) and UKFED fought for places in the upcoming team. At the end of the event the National Team Captain was elected by the participating fighters and I will be leading the team that goes to Prague.

The Battle Heritage team will make their way over to majestic Malbork Castle in Poland at the end of April to contest at the IMCF World Championships and then make their way down the following weekend to Prague and join the rest of the fighters for Battle of the Nations 2015.

For the 10 days we are away our training, spirit and fortitude will be tested to the limits. The character of the British and our regional teams has shown over this start to the year. We are improving with each training session and I look forward to seeing what a UK team can achieve at Battle of the Nations with Battle Heritage GB in it.

Battle Heritage Team Captain
Mark “The Khan” Taylor

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