New Year New Us!

2017 was a busy year for Battle Heritage with our becoming the national body for the sport across the county. We currently have five clubs under our wing and are slowly but surely adding to the ranks. This membership ensures equal opportunity to qualify for all fighters in the country at both IMCF and BOTN each year.


Here’s some of what we got up to in 2017! For the full list, please read our Facebook post.

SCONE PALACE-TOURNAMENT OF DESTINY. This tournament saw the return of fighting to the beautiful Scone palace in Scotland just six months before the IMCF World Championships 2018 will be held there in April.
Northern Wolves: 5v5 – Gold
Boars: 5vs5 – Silver
Sam Williamson: Sword & Shield – Silver
Thomas Flint: Long sword – Gold; Polearm – Gold
Sophie Dixon: Sword & Shield – bronze; Long sword – Bronze; Polearm – Silver

THUNDER IN THE GLENS. This annual tournament in Scotland saw members of Battle Heritage for the second year in a row fighting for glory.
Cumbrian Ulfr: 3v3- Gold
Northern Wolves: 3v3 – Silver
Boars: 3vs3 – Bronze
Thomas Flint (Champion of the Glens): Polearm – Gold; Long sword – Gold
James Breedon: Polearm – Silver
Tim Martin: Polearm – Bronze
Phil Johnston: Long sword – Silver
Grant Worsley: Sword & Shield – Bronze

HERITAGE CUP. The annual national tournament held by Battle Heritage at Ludlow Castle over the August bank holiday weekend, also open to Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Northern Wolves: 5v5- Bronze
Sophie Dixon: Polearm – Gold; Women’s 3v3 – Silver
Thomas Flint: Polearm – Gold; Sword & Shield – Gold; Long sword – Silver

IMCF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017. This world championship again saw the return of Battle Heritage members from across the country to compete against the rest of the globe.
Battle Heritage fielded a 10vs10 and 5vs5 team made up of members from all clubs. We also fielded a women’s 3vs3 team for the first time in 2 years!

BOTN. The Battle of the Nations is the sport’s oldest world championship and sees the best fighters from across the globe. Battle Heritage along with White Company fielded a 21vs21 team as well as two 5vs5 teams for the weekend of the tournament held in Barcelona. In 2018, it will be held in Italy

DEMOLITION DOWNLOAD. The fourth installment of this friendly international competition hosted by Battle Hertitage at Download Festival in Donington Park.
All of Battle Heritage’s clubs attended with Wessex recieving Gold and Rachael and Kirsty from Invicta coming 2nd and 3rd in women’s profights.

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