All of Battle Heritage GB’s fighters and support crew are amateurs and pay for all their own equipment and travel to national and international events. (No overpaid football Prima Donnas here.) The armour alone can run to £1500.

We need and welcome sponsorship.

This does not have to be financial, but that’s always nice.

You maybe able to help with training venues, particularly indoor space, (sports halls, warehouses, barns etc.)

You may be able to help us with transportation.

You may want us wearing your logo when we fight.

If there’s something you can help us with please get in contact.

Whenever we receive we always give something back.

Current Sponsors

mvh logo

Mansfield Van Hire – Mansfield Vans provide the transportation of the fighting arena across the country to all tournaments and demonstrations. Thank you to them for their continued support of Battle Heritage!

Oriel Academy – This school in West London is host to the South Region’s weekly training as well as many National events and in 2016 was host to WMFC First Class: British Challenge. Because of this school and its wonderful staff Battle Heritage always have somewhere for a rainy day.

JP Grafix – All of our banners and stickers are created by this company at discounted prices which allows us to look good and spread the word about our sport!

RDX – This company provide us with a large discount on sportswear which benefits us greatly. They are also the provider for all of our soft weapons and shields.

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