WMFC Italy a Roaring Success for British Fighters

On the 21st January Italy hosted it’s annual WMFC First Class tournament in Collegno, Turin. Two of our fighters, John Quayle and Tate Hounsell, took part with Rowland Longley attending as support. The following write-up shares their experiences.


View of the mountains during the flight.

So Italy, what a beautiful country, I could stare at the mountains forever. They look fake sitting in every background as if someone had a massive canvas just draped all around. Setting off early morning Saturday for the airpor and making it in good time meant we had plenty of time to store the massively over weight bags of John  in the luggage hold. There were six of us travelling. Tate, John, Daniella (Tate’s partner), Kerry (John’s partner), my daughter Holly and myself.
Once in Italy after a smooth flight and by no means hard landing we discovered that one of our bags had been forgotten. With Daniella being a local, the issue was soon sorted out and we went on our way to Daniella’s parents’ house for a traditional Italian lunch.

Soon after lunch the six of us made our way to the venue to prepare and meet the other fighters that Tate and John would be fighting. The fighting started around 8:30pm, meaning a long and strenuous evening after an already stressful day of travelling.

Left to right: Kerry, John, Holly and Tate

Left to right: Kerry, John, Holly and Tate

John was in the Lightweight division and first fought Michael Saloni. The fight was well fought by both with John taking the victory and continuing his winning streak to enter the final for the Lightweight division, facing the Italian Sword and Shield Champion. John’s final was fast and furious with John’s falchion breaking due to the intensity of the fight. Due to this, the fight changed drastically and John came away from the fight with a Silver medal.


The Heavyweight category saw Tate coming up against many physically large and impressive fighters, who were equally impressive in their fighting styles and techniques. Once the fights started, Tate was focused on fighting and only that. Tate was ferocious in his fighting style and caused the round to stop at 30 seconds after inflicting a cut to the eye on the other fighter. Tate’s opponent, a larger man by around 35kg attemped to use his weight against Tate after being patched up but Tate carried on and won the round.
The crowd went wild.


Some of the crowd and fighters at the event.

The final in the Heavyweight saw Tate against a fighter 20kg heavier and with a real hunger for victory. Tate’s opponent was not prepared to lose the fight, getting in close to stop Tate using his skill with a blade. Due to a dodgy takedown Tate received a knee in the groin, ending the tournament for him. With Tate and the marshal disappointed in the outcome, as Tate had been winning, the Silver for Heavyweight category was awarded to Tate.


WMFC Marshals, organisers and support.

The experience was amazing, and I recommend going to international WMFC tournaments even if it’s just to meet other fighters and support a teammate. Our short time in Italy was spectacular and one I would love to experience again.IMG_3985


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